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A King’s Prayer

2 Chronicles 30:13-20

Verse 17  Since many in the crowd had not consecrated themselves, the Levites had to kill the Passover lambs for all those who were not ceremonially clean and could not consecrate their lambs to the Lord.


    King Hezekiah’s plan worked.  With word going out to the far reaches of the kingdom, the people of God were reminded of what He had required of them and a large number of them came for the festival.  While the king had been having the priests clearing and cleansing the Temple there were other issues around the city which needed to be addressed, altars had been erected to the false gods of the region.


    Removing these altars wasn’t a simple process.  The altars had been in place and used for many years and they weren’t just removing them from their location but also taking them to dispose of them in the Kidron valley which was to the east of the city.  Prior to the first Passover the people of God were building things up for those who had enslaved them and now their descendants were tearing down the altars so God’s people would no longer be enslaved by the false religions which were common among their neighboring nations.


    This was new and the priest found themselves convicted.  Being ashamed they consecrated themselves before going about the work they were supposed to do to help the nation of Israel celebrate this sacred festival.  The nation of Israel had walked far from God over the generations and the priests seem to understand what that meant.  They also knew some of the people coming to sacrifice were not able to offer up their sacrifices themselves needing the priests to assist them with their offerings.


    This being unclean and ill-prepared to observe the festival was pretty common among those who had come from the outer regions of the nations.  Many who arrived weren’t purified which would have kept them from celebrating but they still ate the Passover meal.  This was punishable but the king could see beyond what they hadn’t done to prepare, he saw their great desire to be among God’s people doing what God had commanded them to do.


    The king took the matter to the Lord asking His pardon on His people.  These weren’t people of the king’s nation.  Since the Israelites had divided into two kingdoms there were separate kings for the different nations.  With his taking these people to the Lord, Hezekiah was looking at the bigger picture of God’s people and knew God wanted to be worshiped by His people.  Because they were seeking Him, God healed them.


Making It Personal

    How far are you willing to go to make sure you are able to worship God?  How willing are you to allow others worship with you who may not be like you?  How often do you pray for others’ worship life?


Making It Personal Kids

    Do you do everything you can to be able to go to church and Sunday School?  What do you like about those times?  Do you want others to come to those places with you?


Closing Prayer

    Father, thank You for being gracious and allowing us to worship You even when we are not who we should be.  Give us hearts which want to be more like You so we can worship You in holiness as You desire.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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