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A Good Cabinet

2 Samuel 8:15-18

Verse 15 David reigned over all Israel, doing what was just and right for all his people.

Having conquered the neighboring nations, David settles into the rhythm of reigning as the king of God’s people. This is where he shined as the man after God’s own heart. King David ruled in a way which didn’t favor some over others. He didn’t choose who he liked or didn’t like, or make things easier for those of his own tribe while only giving the other tribes only what they needed, he was fair and just. He treated each of his people in a way that honored them as God’s chosen people.

To make sure things were being done right he had chosen people who would do well in the various positions needed to run the nation. Like the presidential cabinet of the United States executive office, David had carefully looked at each position and placed a qualified person in it. This is one way he ruled as the man after God’s own heart. God has purposes for each of His children to accomplish and chooses the right person for each position in His kingdom.

David’s cabinet was comprised of Joab who we know was the general of David’s army. He had been a part of David’s men for some time. Being a general in David’s army gave Joab opportunities to see much happen, including all the amazing things which God had done to prove Himself to His people and the surrounding nations. Joab was a great general but the king would also need a group of bodyguards and that was headed up by Benaiah.

David also had a secretary named Jehoshaphat. It was his job to keep track of all the state records so the king could look back at the happenings of the kingdom and the records would also serve future generations as a history of the events which occurred during a particular king’s reign. He may also have served as a herald for David. Another secretary, Seraiah, is mentioned in this passage and his job was more of a scribe position, writing the king’s letters and proclamations.

Next is Zadok who was a priest, a descendant of Aaron, who would also serve as high priest during Solomon’s reign meaning at this point he likely wasn’t very old, in fact he may have been a priest who had recently become of age to serve. Abiathar was also a priest for David. Although this passage says that Abiathar was the father of Ahimelek we know from another passage (1 Samuel 22:20) it was the other way around which means someone probably made an error when copying it over. Abiathar was a descendant of Eli. And though David’s sons are listed here as priests it would be better translated as his confidential advisers or princes of the court. They weren’t from the tribe of Levi and so didn’t qualify to be priests for God’s people.

Making It Personal

Who are the people in your life who hold cabinet or advisory positions? How did you choose them? Are there any that God would have you change?

Making It Personal Kids

How much influence do friends have in your life? Do you choose good friends? Are you someone who has good influence on your friends?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for this reminder of how important it is to surround ourselves with people who are devoted to You so they can advise us well. Help us to be good influences on those in our life. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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