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Job 37:14-18

Verse 14  “Listen to this, Job; stop and consider God’s wonders.”


    Knowing God has created everything is good and necessary for us but is knowledge all there is to seeing God as creator?  Elihu understood it is one thing to see God as our creator and a whole other thing to understand what His being Creator means and should mean in our lives.  It isn’t just about seeing all the amazing things He has made and continues to make, but about who He is.


    Elihu instructs Job to stop and consider God’s wonders.  The descendants of Korah understood this and said in Psalm 46:10 God’s people should, “be still and know He is God.”  We can be so busy living our lives that we miss stopping to wonder about the God of heaven.  Even when we are reading the Bible we don’t often take the time to reflect on what the passage may be saying about Him.  Even taking walks can have us doing it solely for the fitness of it rather than the leisurely stroll to take in what God has created all around us.


    There are so many things around us which point to God and His loving kindness.  He takes purpose in what He does knowing there are certain things which will speak to all of us.  Maybe it is the daffodil poking out through the snow which reminds you of a grandparent’s perseverance in making sure you knew the love of the Lord through Bible stories.  Maybe it is the sound of a bird reminding you of a picnic with friends leading you to thank Him for those friendships.


    When we take the time to see all He has created and ponder on why He would take such care to create it in the detail He has, we will no doubt find ourselves with a growing sense of awe at who He is and the way He loves us.  He cares so much for creation in all its forms and maintains it in ways we never could.  And if He does it for the plants and animals why do we ever doubt He will also care for us?


    We are given opportunities each day to see the wonder of God and glimpses of His power and might.  The next time we see clouds floating in the sky we would do well if we thought about how God has created them to hang in midair, some holding life-giving water, some giving temporary shade as they float in front of the light He has given for maintaining His creation.  We need to remember to stop and take in who He really is and then give Him the worship He deserves.


Making It Personal

    When was the last time you stopped and enjoyed a part of His creation?  When you stop to admire His handiwork do you just admire it or do you worship Him for it?  What may He be using to get your attention today?


Making It Personal Kids

    Do you ever stop and take a good look at something Jesus has created?  What is your favorite part of nature to look at?  Have you thanked Jesus for allowing you to enjoy it?


Closing Prayer

    Father, thank You for creating such a beautiful place for us to live.  Help us learn to stop and admire all You have created so we can come to know and understand You more.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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