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You're My Favorite

James 2:1-4

Verse 1 My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism.

For the last few days we have been talking about how our actions should reflect our relationship with God. James gives us another way we should reflect Him in our verse today.

None of us were happy when we felt our parents were treating our siblings better than ourselves. Maybe they got to go somewhere and we were told we couldn't. Maybe our sister or brother were given a bigger cookie than we were. Our parents weren't likely showing favoritism even though we have thought they were. But the fact remains that when we feel like we are being slighted we feel hurt and less loved.

As Christians this is something we need to be extra careful about. Not just in regards to our children but maybe even more so to those we encounter in our everyday life. We tend to fill our lives with those that are most like us. We often feel uncomfortable around those that aren’t like us. But more about that tomorrow.

If we are honest with ourselves, one of the reasons we struggle with this issue of favoritism is that we like to think that we deserve better treatment than others because we tend to have a higher view of ourselves than we ought to have. Yes, one of the main reasons we get upset thinking others are receiving special treatment is that we think we deserve it more than they do and that shouts of pride in our life.

Pride. Yes, that is where this issue of favoritism grows from. When we are dealing with the growth of pride in our lives we are revealing who we are truly worshiping – ourselves. Of course we don’t want to admit that and so we find other ways to explain it. We all do it. We find excuses for why we think we are more deserving than the other person. It is easy to find some way that we feel slighted when we are focused on ourselves and our own desires. What would happen if we wanted for others what we want for ourselves?

Making It Personal

When have you accused someone of showing favoritism? When have you showed favoritism to someone? How can you change your attitude about this?

Making It Personal Kids

When was a time that you have felt treated as a favorite? When was a time that you felt like someone else was treated as the favorite? What does Jesus say about treating people as favorites?

Closing Prayer

Father, if Your favoritism was based on us being worthy none of us would qualify. Help us to recognize when we are sinning by showing favoritism. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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