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Word for the Generations

Psalm 119:105-112 Verse 111 Your statutes are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart. Yesterday we talked about how enjoyable the Word should be to us and the day before we had talked about how it is eternal. Today we tie these two together and add yet another dimension to this thought. The psalmist mentions the concept of heritage in today's key verse. Heritage, by definition, is something that is passed from generation to generation. This is a vital aspect of our growing in understanding of the Word. Our diving into the Word can't be just for ourselves. No matter where we are in life there are those who are coming along in our lives that are watching us. When we are living what we learn in the Bible, we are teaching those who are watching without even trying. But just letting it rub off isn't what the Lord is asking of us. When we have the joy of the Gospel in our lives this joy should be infectious to those around us. Not only should they be seeing our joy they should be seeing the reason for our joy. If we truly find joy in obeying His Word then it will be evident in our lives. If we don't show a joy in living God's way why would anyone who sees our life what to know Him? If you remember our discussion the other day about being eternal it should be no shock that this eternal nature is not just about us individually and therefore applies to the heritage we leave behind. How much more our joy should grow as we see our children, grandchildren and others that are watching, learning to find joy in His Word! This eternal life of abiding is an opportunity to live out all that we know He is teaching us. One of the difficult things in life is remembering that He isn't teaching us for our own benefit alone. It is of utmost importance that we understand and accept the responsibility that comes living the abiding life. As we mentioned earlier, this living isn't just for us. As we live the lives of responsible abiding, we build the heritage of the Church as a whole. This joy of the Word is so important for the testimony of the Church. While individually we have the opportunity of leaving a heritage to our descendants, as a Church family we can leave a heritage to our corner of the world. Making It Personal How have you shared joy of the Word with those in your life? Have you ever considered your responsibility of leaving a heritage of love of the Word? What steps can you take today to make sure you are leaving a biblical heritage? Making It Personal Kids Have you learned about the Bible from your parents and/or grandparents? Have they taught you that the Bible can bring you joy when you obey it? How can you show others that you love the Bible? Closing Prayer Father, thank You for making us a community of faith where we can learn from each other. Please build us into the heritage focused community You have called us to be. In Jesus' name, amen.

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