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Who Do You Say He Is?

Matthew 16:13-19

Verse 15 “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

We started yesterday by talking about Peter’s declarations about Jesus. But they mean nothing if our declarations are something different from how we live.

It is easy to say that we declare the same things that Peter did but what does that actually look like in our lives? Shouldn’t it be more than just what we say? Of course it should be. Those words declared mean nothing if our actions aren’t living them out for the world to see. We are walking billboards of what it means to be part of the Church. His Church.

To declare Him as the Messiah, Savior of God’s kingdom people means that we should be living as if are saved from an opposing kingdom. This opposing kingdom is well-known around us because we live among the subjects of that kingdom. That is no easy task some days but if we are truly members of His kingdom then we need to be living like it.

It is so easy to live by the rules of the kingdom that surrounds us but we are called to live how God’s kingdom requires. We are called to be different. Yes, that is uncomfortable sometimes as our friends from the other kingdom may think we are weird and may not even want to be friends with us anymore, but we can’t give in to living their way just so we feel like we fit in. We need to ask ourselves if it is more important to us to fit in with them or with the leader of the kingdom we are called to live in.

Peter’s second declaration that we need to declare ourselves is that Jesus is the Son of the Living God. That is to say that we not only know that Jesus is God’s Son but that we know that God is living. He isn’t some inanimate god that has no life, He is alive and not subject to someone else’s power. Think about it, an inanimate god can’t do anything for itself. It can’t move for itself, talk or do anything. But when we declare that Jesus is the Son of the Living God we are declaring that we have faith in an unseen loving, living being.

So what do we declare? Can we declare with Peter that Jesus is our Savior and that we serve an unseen, living God?

Making It Personal

Can you declare that Jesus is your Savior? Do you declare that you serve a living God? Is declaring for God’s kingdom something you struggle with because you are afraid of losing some friends?

Making It Personal Kids

Who do you say that Jesus is? Is God living? What does it mean to be a citizen of God’s kingdom?

Closing Prayer

Father, You are living. You alone are worthy of our worship. Help us to live for Your kingdom in this opposing world. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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