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Where Do You Turn In Times Of Trouble?

Copyright by Freedom in Christ, used with permission.

In the West, our worldview tends to dismiss the supernatural. So, for example, when we face a health issue, we tend to go to a doctor first and turn to God only when that doesn’t work. We start by assuming that the problem must be entirely physical. In cultures with an animistic world view, people tend to the other extreme and might suspect the cause to be a curse or a spirit so the first port of call is likely to be a witch doctor or a pastor and they may refuse medical treatment for a bacterial infection.

Which worldview is right? Well neither. To have a true view of reality we need to adopt the Biblical worldview and take the whole of reality into account. We are body, soul, and spirit. When we are ill, we need to consider both spiritual and physical causes, and there is a place both for prayer and for doctors.

When you last experienced an adverse situation (for example, a health problem, financial worries, or family concerns) was talking to God about it one of the first things you did?

As Christians, we say that we believe God hears and answers our prayers but how often do we actually pray?

In the coming week, watch out for ways in which your old worldview is in conflict with the truth of the Bible. Pray each day for the Holy Spirit to reveal things to you. When you notice something, take time to consciously turn away from the false belief from your previous worldview and make a commitment to base your life on what God says is true.


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