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There You Are!

Luke 2:48-52

Verse 49  “Why were you searching for me?” He asked.  “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?”


    It had been three days since they had seen Jesus, Mary and Joseph must have been dealing with high anxiety.  We don’t know what took them to the Temple, maybe they thought they should pray for help in finding Him or maybe there was a buzz in town about a young man talking with the teachers in the Temple, no matter the reason the relief they must have felt would have been great.


    With this great relief came great frustration.  His staying behind had caused them stress and time and like many of us they were taking the issue personally.  How could He have done this to them?  But Jesus had a different perspective of what was going on.  He wasn’t being disobedient and He wasn’t hiding from them.  Yes, He had missed the caravan but He hadn’t missed it on purpose.


    We need to take notice His lack of fear.  Jesus had spent two nights in the city without His parents.  Though He was growing up, he may not have spent many nights away from His mom and dad.  It could be He had been hanging out with relatives during the time in the city which would explain why His parents thought He was with them in the caravan when they headed home.


    Instead of having fun with any friends who were left in town, Jesus went to the Temple.  We don’t know if He had done this the previous days of His being in the city alone but He was there when Mary and Joseph came in.  They seem so relieved to see Him they miss what He is doing.  While others are amazed at how grown up His is for His age, His parents were still seeing their son as young.


    When Jesus asked His parents why they didn’t know He would be in His Father’s house, He wasn’t sassing them.  In fact the Greek word translated “had” in our key verse for the day could better have been translated “inevitable.”  Jesus was trying to help them understand He was where He needed to be.  Whether it was because He was focusing on spiritual things or if it was because every child knows where is safe to be when you are separated from mom and dad, He knew where He needed to be.  With His comment about being in His Father’s house He was passing the baton of fatherhood from Joseph to His Father in Heaven.  This is the last time we hear about Joseph.  We don’t know when he died but sometime between this event and Jesus starting His ministry.


Making It Personal

    When you are uncertain about things what do you turn to?  What about that causes you to feel comfortable?  Do you find peace in your quiet times with God?


Making It Personal Kids

    Have you ever gotten separated from your parents?  Were you scared?  Who makes you feel safe?


Closing Prayer

    Father, You are the One we should turn to in times of trouble.  Help us remember Your faithfulness and desire to meet with us.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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