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There's Nothing Like Family

1 John 2:9-11

Verse 9 Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness.

As we talked about our sincerity to God in our talk yesterday we discussed that our love to Him is proven by our obedience. One of the ways we are most likely to show our love of Him is in our sincere love for our brothers and sisters in the Church.

We talked earlier this week about loving others in the Church but today we are going to talk about the sincerity of our love for those who are fellow Christians. Remember that this isn’t talking just about those that weekly visit the same 4 walls that we do, but those that are truly God’s around our community and the world.

We have talked about those that we have had issues with but what about those we haven’t had problems with but that we still don’t associate with. This isn’t to say that we honestly hate them but we don’t love them either. We may treat them as strangers or maybe we even treat them as if they are invisible. We like to think that there are only two different ways to feel towards others, love or hate, but the truth is one of the things that hurt our Christ image in the world is the indifference we show others. We treat them the same as we would the people we pass at the grocery store. We know they are there but we don’t even give them the time in our day to ask them how they are.

We are told in our passage today that if we are living in the light of Christ we will be loving towards each other. That love must be sincere. Others can tell when we are being insincere and that will only further fracture a relationship.

Imagine if you will that a visitor walks into a church building and sees people only pretending to love each other. They say hi to each other but there is no feeling behind the words and the person watching wonders why they would ever have wanted to be in such a place. How we treat each other is noticeable and reflects not just on us but also on God. If the Church is not loving towards each other, the world isn’t going to see any reason they should want to spend any time with us, let alone our God.

Making It Personal

Are there people that you don’t like in the Church? How do you treat them? Are you treating them as God would have you treat them?

Making It Personal Kids

How does God want us to treat other people at church? How does He want us to treat others who don’t go to our church? Does the way we treat others say what we think about God?

Closing Prayer

Father, we have failed living as Your Church in this matter. Father, please convict us of the ways we act out hate to our fellow believers. Give us genuine love for one another. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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