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The Prize of Life Eternal

Philippians 3:1-11

Verse 11 …and so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead.

We have been talking about Paul’s desire to know Christ. He declared that he wanted to know Christ through the power of His resurrection, by participating in His sufferings and by becoming like Him in His death. But how was that knowledge going to help in attaining resurrection from the dead?

Paul was obviously not seeking a mere surface knowledge of Jesus. Nor was Paul’s desire simply a self-focused desire to learn. He knew that in learning to know Christ in a deeper, more personal way he was also building knowledge that he could share with others so that they could find a loving relationship with Christ too. Paul’s heart was for all believers to understand the importance of getting to know Christ on a personal level.

Paul’s statement in the verse today shows that while he didn’t understand every detail of how it works, he knew that it was through knowing Christ intimately that resurrection would be something he would experience. His growing knowledge of Christ was building his level of faith. The more he knew of Christ, the more he knew he could trust Him and what He said.

Just as we learn to trust others through getting to know each other, we can grow in our faith as we learn to trust Christ by learning His character. This doesn’t mean knowing more about Him, it is important that we know Him as a closest friend. We need to learn to see things the way He sees them, think about things the way He thinks about them. Unless we are aligning our ways to His ways through knowing Him, we are missing the elements to growing faith.

Paul knew the truth of this depth of knowing Christ. He had suffered for the name of Christ many times and had plenty of opportunities to meditate on the way and reasons Christ had suffered for His chosen people. Paul still didn’t understand quite what it meant that there would be a resurrection for the dead in Christ but he knew it was a promise meant for him. It is meant for us too, the question is do we love Christ enough to want to know Him in the depth that He wants us to know Him?

Making It Personal

How desirous are you to learn more about Christ? Do you trust Him for your resurrection? What steps are you taking to get to know Him more?

Making It Personal Kids

Does Jesus want you to become better friends with Him? How can you become better friends with Him today? What does it mean that you can be friends with Jesus forever?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for the promise of resurrection. And thank You for making Yourself available to us so we can learn to know You more. Help us desire You and Your ways, each and every day. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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