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The First Delivery of the Gospel

Genesis 3:14-15

Verse 15 “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; He will crush your head, and you will strike His heel.”

Today we will talk about the first Gospel prophecy. The prophecy could only come after sin had entered the world, prior to sin there was no need for a Savior. The only thing standing in the way is that the Savior couldn’t be solely human.

If the Savior couldn’t be a human there had to be another plan. But the truth was He had to be human in the physical sense or He couldn’t be the needed sacrifice. Adam and Eve knew better than to eat of the fruit. They had no reason to doubt God, He wasn’t some far off entity that they had just heard about and decided to believe in, no, He was more real to them than we can fathom.

While we can have a personal relationship with the Lord, we will never understand what it was like for them to hear His footsteps walking through the Garden that day. They knew what He had said about the trees in the middle of the garden and yet that serpent was so convincing. So they allowed themselves to be led into doubt about the Father that they have known and loved. And they fell. Adam could have refused the taste that his wife offered him but he chose sin. And with those bites every human was under the curse of sin. Death.

But God is a God of life and He wouldn’t settle for those He loved being banished to eternal death so He declares His solution. The woman would have a child that would crush the spiritual aspect of the serpent while the physical serpent suffered its own curse. We need to remember that this was a patriarchal society meaning the normal giving of a blessing or curse would have involved the man not the woman. But our God is a God of details and so He made the point of saying that it would be the seed of the woman that was listed.

The plan was in motion. The seed of the woman wasn’t about Eve and her sons, it was about Mary and Jesus. The reason that God said, “her seed” was because a woman was going to bring the human factor into this story of redemption. This was the plan and He would not fail to carry it out.

Making It Personal

Do you ever allow someone else talk you into sinning? Have you ever talked someone else into sinning? How has sin made you want to hide from God?

Making It Personal Kids

Have you ever talked someone into sinning against Jesus? Has anyone talked you into acting in a way that would disappoint Jesus? How do you feel after you have sinned?

Closing Prayer

Father thank You for setting up this plan of redemption. Please convict us of the very thought of sin so that we won’t act upon our thoughts. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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