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The Fight is Cancelled

Philippians 2:14-18

Verse 14 Do everything without grumbling or arguing,

As it was no surprise to us that we grumble and complain, it should not be a surprise to us that we argue.

Being argumentative isn’t something that we readily like to admit about ourselves. We may not argue with our friends very often but we all have at least one person that brings it out in us. It may be a sibling or someone in the family of faith. If they are for something, we are against it. But Paul was warning us that we are not to argue about anything.

Now this is not to say that we should never stand up for something, because that is something that Christ did as our example, but we are not to be argumentative about it. It is so easy to get our dander up but that isn’t something that should mark us as a Christ follower.

Our natural hearts are given to thinking that we are right about everything. It is this self-righteous feeling that leads to such an attitude. To do everything without arguing takes more than great self-will. In fact it takes a selfless will.

As with our chat yesterday about grumbling and complaining, when we have an attitude that is ready for a fight it shows our selfish heart. This is the reason our surrendering to God’s will is so important. When we rely on our own strength and will the results will be evidence of our flesh instead of the Holy Spirit in us.

As we mentioned earlier, there are things that are worth standing strong for. The truth of the Gospel, the Trinity, the fact that Jesus was God come as a man, that He died and rose again, these are things that are worth taking a stand on. We don’t need to list the things that aren’t worth standing firm about, they are the things that don’t matter for eternity.

Making It Personal

What topics are hot button topics for you? Who is the person that can push your buttons? What does that say about your relationship with that person?

Making It Personal Kids

Who do you fight with the most? What do you argue about? Is that something that is worth fighting about?

Closing Prayer

Father, You are the Lord of peace. We know that our selfishness is the reason for our anger. Give us a heart that reflects Yours. Help us see the real reason the people in our lives irritate us and give us the love for them that we should have. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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