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The Ebb and Flow of Communication

1 Thessalonians 5:16-19

Verse 17 “…pray continually,…”

We have been talking about listening to God and while that is super important, He wants to hear from us too. Let’s turn our attention to how we communicate with Him through our prayers.

Our verse for the day is a simple command that seems like an impossible request. How can we even begin to pray continuously? Surely the Lord isn’t wanting us to never stop talking to Him, we already learned that we need to be quiet and listen to Him sometimes. Remember, we said good communication requires talking and listening. Prayer is communication with God and so it requires both. Good communication also requires being able to communicate what we are wanting to say clearly enough to help the other person understand.

Too often we enter conversations with the goal of being heard and sadly, prayer is frequently entered into the same way. We want God to hear us because we have things we want. We enter into conversation with Him as a begging child. But God wants more from our conversations and therefore we should want more too.

As with any conversation there has to be a giving of information and a taking of information. This give and take will build into a comfortable rhythm as the relationship deepens. Like a friendship that is building, there will be a learning of the other person’s communication style. Some people use simply their words and vocal tones to communicate while others will use their hands to get their point across. Some of us speak louder and faster when we are excited or angry. Some find tears the way to release their anger. No matter our personal style, in a relationship, we need to learn the other person’s communication style to truly build the relationship.

This week we are going to be looking at ways of improving our communication skills with the Father so that we can abide in Him. Not so that we can force Him to communicate with us, we already know that He wants to. No, we need to learn communication His way so that we can build our relationship with Him and come to enjoy this beautiful gift of communication. Are we ready to communicate?

Making It Personal

How would you rate your current prayer life? Would you like to be in better communication with God? What do you think your first step should be?

Making It Personal Kids

What is prayer? Do you pray? How do you pray?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for wanting to communicate with us. We want a relationship with You too. Please lead and guide us into deeper relationship with You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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