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Thanks Giving

Acts 4:32-35

Verse 32 All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.

Yesterday we started talking about how the Church is to be sharing. We have talked a bit about sharing about Christ as the mission of the Church but we are also supposed to share in other ways.

A church should be known for its generous spirit. This includes the sharing of our resources. This isn’t to say that we can just go to a fellow church member’s house and “borrow” things without asking nor does it mean they owe us everything they own. This is not like the welfare of the government. This sharing, of the early Church, wasn’t out of obligation or law and wasn’t a way to enable the lazy. This was a way that they cared for their own.

Our churches today do this in various ways. One way that we do is by giving to a benevolent fund that the deacons attend to that allows them to discreetly use the sharing of the congregation with those in need. Another way is through the giving of items to agencies in our community that help serve those in our community that have fallen on hard times. It can also be done on a very personal level.

One way we can do this on the personal level is to offer help to another member of the Church. Maybe they need a date night with their spouse and we can offer babysitting services as a way of giving them something that they need. Maybe a widowed member needs a visit or a phone call. Maybe someone needs help with their yard work or a meal. There are so many ways that we can share with each other but they don’t matter if we don’t do them.

Giving is an action word and that requires actually doing something. It takes making the decision to obey His example of sacrifice and service. Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice by giving up His heavenly home to come and live as a mere human so that He could die for our sins. He gave up the comforts of His God-ship to be what we needed Him to be. He lived a life of giving so that we could see what it means to live for God. He called us to give sacrificially too.

The thing we need to remember is that it must be done as part of our living as the Church. To be truly living is to be wholeheartedly giving. If we can’t be givers in the community of faith how can we even begin to think that we can be givers in the world?

Making It Personal

How does it make you feel to know Jesus gave all that up for you? Do you have a giving heart? What things has God given you that He would want you to share with those in the Church?

Making It Personal Kids

What does it mean to be a giver? In what ways does Jesus want us to give? Do you give to others who are in need?

Closing Prayer

Father, we know that You have given Your all. We also know that one of the benefits of Your Church is the giving to each other. Help us to be more giving with each other. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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