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Temper That Temper

James 1:19-25

Verse 20 …because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.

Now we have reached the third key component to communication. We know to be quick to listen and slow to speak but where do we sit with anger in our communication?

Anger is something we each find ourselves dealing with at one time or another. But is all anger bad? We get angry for various reasons. Some are justifiable and some are selfishness rearing its ugly head. No matter the reason we cannot allow ourselves to be uncontrolled in anger.

Since we know that we have multiple reasons that we get angry we also know how easy it is to fly off the handle. We have different speeds to which we get to the boiling point. Some of that has to do with personality and some has to do with how much we have surrendered to the Holy Spirit’s power over our emotions.

We live in an age where emotions are what control most people, sadly even a lot of Christians miss the fruit of the Spirit, self-control. As we talked about yesterday we need to learn to stop and think before we speak or react. Anger isn’t always a bad thing as we see when Jesus shows His anger over the misuse of the Temple for personal gain (Matthew 21:12-13). But more often than not we don’t have the righteous anger of seeing God being wronged and wanting it right. No, ours is usually the self-righteous anger that has us feeling like we were the ones slighted.

Maybe that is one of the keys of being slow to anger. Maybe if we were more alert when we are becoming angry about a situation we would be able to identify the root of the anger. Of course we have to be honest with ourselves about why we are getting angry. What is it that has happened or been said that started the blood to boiling? Did the person intend to anger us?

So what are we to do about those angry feelings that grow inside of us? How do we learn to deal with them when they come, because we know they will come? The evaluation has to begin before we are in the moment. We can’t wait until the heat is rising in our veins to start thinking about how to react. If we are to be slow to get angry, we need to address the root reasons we get upset. This will also help us be slow to speak.

Making It Personal

What is one thing that makes you mad quickly? Why is that such a high trigger point with you? What steps do you need to take to keep from flying off the handle?

Making It Personal Kids

What are some things that make you mad? What do you do when you get mad? Is there a way you can learn not to be mad at people because you didn’t get your own way?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for not treating us with the anger and wrath we deserve. Give us a love for others that is greater than our love for ourselves. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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