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Table Talks

Luke 2:41

Verse 41  Every year Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem for the Festival of the Passover.


    The Passover meal during Jesus’ time would have looked a little different from the first one.  It was done in a way to make sure the next generations understood what they were remembering, what God had done that night so long ago in Egypt.  If they could help their children know what God had done then, they would hopefully have an easier time knowing what God could do for them.


    The first Passover was a time of uncertainty and there would likely have been some nervous energy within the whole family as they made sure everyone stayed in the house and obeyed the various rules they had been given about staying dressed including their shoes.  They had to be ready to go at a moment’s notice.  The parents wouldn’t have had solid answers for their children because they had never experienced it themselves.


    By the time Jesus was born there was a whole program each family would play out to keep the memories of that night alive.  While the first Passover meal brought on the nerves, a New Testament Passover meal was a time of joyous celebration.  There were still questions, specific questions, the youngest child was to ask as part of the celebration.


    These questions were to lead the conversation with what the evening was about.  The father would answer each question and led in the remainder of the program set to guide the evening along.  There were various passages of Scripture the father would quote and some praise songs which they would sing between the various segments of the meal.


    The whole meal was set up like a special praise and worship service with food.  Every portion of the meal had a connection to the first Passover, like the bitter herbs they would dip in salt water near the beginning of the celebration, eating it was to remind them of the bitter tears cried by the Israelites during their time of bondage in Egypt (salt water) and the freshness of their new life after leaving for the Promised Land (herb – celery or parsley were commonly used).


    One of the most important parts of the meal was who it was celebrated with.  Family and close friends spending time together remember all the Lord had done.


Making It Personal

    What kind of meal conversations are you used to?  Do you ever think about if your conversations have eternal value?  Who had eternal conversations with you as a child?


Making It Personal Kids

    Who do you feel you can ask questions about Jesus?  Why is it important to ask question about why Jesus has done something a certain way?  Are there people you can help understand about Jesus?


Closing Prayer

    Father, You are always faithful and forever will be.  Give us the desire to experience times of praising and worshiping You with others and help us remind each other of all the wonderful things You do for us on a daily basis.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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