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Stop Your Griping!

Philippians 2:14-18

Verse 14 Do everything without grumbling or arguing,

We know that we are to be living reflections of Jesus and we will even agree that we should be, and yet it isn’t always as easy to live out. Our key verse today is a couple of ways that even the best of us stumble.

The first few words of this verse are tough to reconcile with in our lives. “Do everything” in this manner is no cake walk! It is highly unlikely that a day goes by for any of us where we don’t grumble and complain about at least one thing. It is even easy to get caught up in the habit of grumbling and complaining when it is about something that everyone around us is complaining about.

One the cold, snowy days we complain that we wish it was warmer. We may even grumble in a way that seems less like complaining by saying we wouldn’t mind the snow so much if it wasn’t on the roads. And then there are the dog days of summer which wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t so hot. And we too often think that there is always something to complain about in the government, or prices of things. We find reasons to grumble about traffic and having to wait a few minutes for a convenience that we take for granted. We are so good at complaining that we will even grumble if the store doesn’t have the brand we favor, even though there may be 10 other products there that will do the same thing.

Yes, we sure can find things to complain about. We probably even thought of a few more while reading the above list. It is this thinking that Paul is calling his readers out about. This complaining is a sin. In fact it is this very thinking that led to the very first sin. The serpent only had to convince Eve that the fruit that God said they couldn’t eat was better than all the other fruit and that God was keeping the best from them.

Our grumbling and complaining reveals our selfishness more than anything else. It shows how we think we should have the best of everything and that nothing is ever good enough for us. We act like spoiled little brats and we don’t think anything about it because we see it as normal. But as Paul, and the Holy Spirit, are wanting us to see, it is normal for a child of the world, but not for a child of God.

Making It Personal

What are things that you find yourself complaining about on a regular basis? What do those complaints say about you? What should you do instead of complaining?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you complain? What kind of things do you complain about? What would Jesus want you to do instead?

Closing Prayer

Father, You have blessed us in more ways than we could ever count. Forgive us for our complaining spirit and convict us as those attitudes start to take hold. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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