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Speaking Life

Exodus 20:1-18

Verse 13  “You shall not murder.”


    This is another of the commandments which we tend to think we have mastered since most of us aren’t known killers, but if it were that easy, it probably wouldn’t have been made one of the 10.  Since the majority of us are not running around hunting down people to kill we need to look into the deeper meaning the Lord knew His people had to understand so we can repent for the ways we have not lived up to His standard.


    Jesus thought this was such an important commandment He included it in His Sermon on the Mount.  He didn’t stick to just the thought of not murdering but made it as plain as possible for His listeners.  He explained how if we were sinfully angry at someone it was as if we were thinking about killing them and thinking it was as bad as doing it (Matthew 5:21-22).


    It doesn’t take much for a miscommunication to lead to a disagreement and before we know it we are saying things or maybe doing things we will later regret.  Jesus wanted us to know this was just as bad in His eyes, as murdering.  It isn’t hate which is equated with murdering, it is sinful anger.  We know not all anger is sinful as Jesus showed righteous anger the times He drove the money changers and sellers out of the temple.  It is the attitude behind the anger which dictates when the switch flips to murderous thinking.


    Moses understood this kind of anger as he had been guilty of anger back in Egypt, anger which actually led to him killing someone.  Anger kills more than people and that is what Jesus was trying to get across in His sermon that day on the mountainside.  He know anger would also kill relationships if not dealt with through repentance and forgiveness.  He reminded them how we shouldn’t try to offer Him anything if we haven’t dealt with someone’s anger towards us (Matthew 5:23-24).


    Revival can’t happen if relationships aren’t in a good place.  Repenting to each other and making sure we are doing nothing to kill a person’s spirit, will or any other part of them can help us grow spiritually as the Church.  When we communicate in loving, life-giving ways we are showing the world the supernatural power of God.  The world is not known for its life-giving ways, but God’s people should be.


Making It Personal

    When have you felt killed by someone’s words?  Have you ever killed someone with your words?  Are your words more life taking or giving?


Making It Personal Kids

    Have you ever had someone say something very mean to you?  Have you ever said something very mean to someone else?  Who can you speak life into today?


Closing Prayer

    Father, we repent of speaking death to people instead of speaking life into them.  Give us the wisdom to know how to speak love and life into Your people.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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