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Speak to Me Sweetly

Psalm 119:97-104 Verse 103 How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Having been reminded yesterday that we are eternal beings we now need to consider how that knowledge should change our perspective of the Word. We are now on the second half of our study on the Word of God. We have been looking at the various ways that it should be important in our lives. Yet, sometimes the things that are important in our lives lose their specialness because we let them become routine or habit. Sometimes it's just that we have let it become too much of a chore. When they reach this level, they often become something of boredom to us. This is a sad place to be in life. When reading and meditating in our Bible loses its flavor in our mouth we need a bit of a shake up. Sometimes this comes as a huge, discouraging circumstance in life. When things hit a rough patch we are reminded who we need to turn to and why that is important. Just as in a relationship we sometimes need to remember why we took up with it in the beginning, we need to take the opportunity to revisit why we started diving into the Word to begin with. Our passage today helps us regain our perspective. We shouldn't read the Bible because we know we should. We should read it because of Who gave it to us. It should be a way we see as drawing near to Him and cherish it as time spent with a dear friend. In our key verse today the psalmist compares the Bible to the sweetness of Honey. Honey wasn't just something sweet that the people of God used in desserts or other foods, it was used to represent abundance. When the Israelites were being led out of Egypt they were told they were going to the land flowing with milk and honey. Not that it has rivers of milk and honey, nor was it because the land was particularly lush because it wasn't, though it did have things that it did grow well. No, the reason it was said to flow with milk and honey was because if they obeyed and followed God, He would bless them spiritually in the land. In other words He would bless them with Himself. When we feast upon the Word of God and obey His teaching we too will find our spiritual lives abounding in His goodness. He will be more real to us than before and our relationship with Him will grow. Making It Personal How excited are you about reading the Bible? What needs to change in your life to show your that you enjoy the Word? Have you enjoyed time in the Word today? Making It Personal Kids Do you like reading or listening to the Bible? What is your favorite part of reading the Bible? Are you going to spend time in it today? Closing Prayer Father, thank You for giving us Your Word to enjoy. Give us great hunger for more of it daily. In Jesus' name, amen.

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