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Sing It Out!

James 5:13-18

Verse 13b Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise.

We have been talking the last couple of days about praying in the midst of trials but today we take what may be a surprising turn in this discussion about prayer.

We don’t often think of our singing of praise to the Lord as prayer and yet many of us would say the definition of prayer is talking to God. So if our singing praise isn’t talking to God, who are we talking to? We say we are singing to God but I wonder how many of us actually can tell what we are praising God for when we are singing. It is so easy to sing all the familiar hymns and praise songs that we sing on a given Sunday but do we often pay enough attention to the well-known words to say we are really saying them to God?

When we sing the line, “how great Thou art” do we think about the greatness of God? Or what about the line, “great is Thy faithfulness?” Do we think about the multiple ways God has revealed His faithfulness? How about when we sing, “bind my wandering heart to Thee” do we think about our being prone to walk in ways that don’t please Him? Does the song Amazing Grace make us reflect on our need for His grace and how amazing He is to give it?

James is asking if any of his readers are happy. Does knowing what God has done for us make us happy? If it does, we should be singing! Not just singing that we are happy but that we praise Him for all that He has done and continues to do. Praising God should be something that flows from our mouth on a very regular basis. Not just on Sundays.

Imagine the impact we could have on the world if we were praising Him. He is worthy of our praise!

Making It Personal

When was the last time you paid attention to the words that you were singing? Has a song ever given you a deeper love and appreciation for God? What is something that you can praise Him for today?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you like to sing to Jesus? What is a favorite song you like singing to Jesus? What does the song say about Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, we miss so many opportunities to praise You for all You do. Help us see the importance of giving You all our praise. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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