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Second Time Around

Numbers 9:1-5

Verse 4  So Moses told the Israelites to celebrate the Passover,


  A lot happened during the first year out of Egypt.  The people had left the land of Goshen with much more than they had arrived with, they had witnessed and experienced one of the greatest miracles of all time as they walked a dry seabed with a wall of sea water on either side of them, they had a worship service on the beach after watching God use those mighty walls of water to take out the pursuing army and they had witnessed Moses being given the law from the Lord on the mountain.


    The Israelites had been traveling now for a year and the Lord told Moses they needed to observe the Passover as they had been commanded to.  They were still new to this festival as this was the first time they would be celebrating it without having to live though the actual event.  The fact it was the first time for the mere celebration meant their thoughts were likely mixed.


    They could have been thinking about all the things which had led up to the first Passover.  The men could have been remembering the trial of trying to make bricks without straw or trying to find stubble to work as straw.  Maybe they were remembering looking through the flock for the perfect animal or maybe they were seeing their family sitting around the table, fully clothed awaiting the unknown.


    Their thoughts could also have been questions about how much of the ceremony they were to observe this second time around.  Without doorposts would they be expected to paint the animal’s blood on their tents?  Were they to roast the animal intact again?  What about having to stay within their dwellings?  Did they have to remain dressed as they had when waiting for God to move?


    This second Passover would have brought a lot of emotions and memories but it would also was to remind them of all God had done and all He was still doing in their lives.  They knew they had to observe it, God wanted them to think about it.  Over the next 7 days there would be many opportunities to remember God’s guidance and rescuing.  There would be time to reflect on why God had called His people out of their place of slavery to bring them out into this classroom in the wilderness.  God had plans for their people and they needed to remember He was a God of His promises.  And they were to celebrate!


Making It Personal

    What do celebrations like Good Friday and Easter give you to think about?  Are your memories of this time of the year all about what the world celebrates or what God wants you to remember?  How have these celebrations changed your life?


Making It Personal Kids

    What does Good Friday and Easter mean to you?  What is your favorite memory about the holiday?  Does thinking about how Jesus died for you give you a reason to celebrate Him?


Closing Prayer

    Father, thank You for calling us to celebrate things which help us remember all the things You have done over the years.  Help us think deeply about what it means that You made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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