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Reason Being

Proverbs 1:1-7

Verses 5 let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance

We have talked about qualities that God created in us as He created us in His image. We have looked at justice and creativity the last couple of days and today we look at our ability to reason.

The ability to reason is in us from the start but is something that we must hone as we grow. There is the simple reasoning that we learn when we are little – if you bump your head it hurts, things that are hot can burn – we learn these by doing them but don’t usually have to repeat them to keep remembering them. That is reasoning. We think – often without even knowing we do – that I know that if I walk under that low-hanging branch and don’t duck I’m going to end up with a headache.

As we grow so should our ability to reason. In today’s passage of Proverbs we see that this ability to reason is actually a form of wisdom. We know that God is all wise and in that wisdom He chose to create us with the capacity for wisdom as well. But being all wise as He is, He didn’t just gift us with it but knew that for it to be most effective, we need to grow in reasoning.

Solomon knew that if he wanted his son to know wisdom, he needed to instruct his son. He knew that he had to whet his son’s appetite for more wisdom or he would grow lazy about becoming wiser. Seeking wisdom isn’t a common goal. Oh, we may seek knowledge and degrees but wisdom is something a bit different.

So how does wisdom differ from knowledge? It is taking knowledge and being able to apply it. It gives understanding and discernment. It helps you know the difference between right and wrong and even why they are right or wrong. It teaches us discipline. We learn to see things and figure out what is behind them. Wisdom and the ability to reason helps us to live disciplined and successful lives. Maybe not in the way the world sees success, but the way God measures it.

Living lives that are wise is a way of living a life of worship as true wisdom comes from God and isn’t something that is common in the world. May our lives reflect His wisdom and draw people to Him. Study the book of Proverbs (maybe a chapter a day) and glean wisdom from someone that God gifted with great wisdom.

Making It Personal

James told us that if we lack wisdom that we are to ask God who gives it freely (James 1:5). In what area(s) of your life do you feel you lack wisdom? Have you asked God to give you wisdom in that area? Why not do so today?

Making It Personal Kids

Is it easy to listen to mom or dad when they try to teach you a lesson? God gave us parents to help us learn to be who God wants us to be. Try to learn one thing from your parents today.

Closing Prayer

Father, wisdom is so rare in our world and that could make it so easy to skip it in our own lives but that isn’t what would best reflect You and Your wisdom so please help us learn true wisdom. May our lives be seen as living worship to You. Thank You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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