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Prince of a Deal

Isaiah 9:6-7

Verse 7a  Of the greatness of His government and peace there will be no end.


    Yesterday we were talking about making Jesus Lord of our lives and the peace He brings.  Today we will go deeper into this understanding of how making Him Lord brings peace into our lives.


    Our passage today is one of the most popular Christmas passages.  It is a piece of prophecy about Jesus coming and the positions He holds.  The title Prince of Peace can only be given to the One who rules the kingdom of God forever.  This is the kingdom referenced in our verses today.  But is this kingdom only referring to the people of God in Israel?  No, this is about God’s eternal kingdom and that includes His children from all time.  But remember this is still about a kingdom meaning there is leadership and there are citizens.  What we need to accept and truly understand is we are not the leaders of the kingdom.


    Every kingdom needs leaders.  Leaders come to leadership in varying ways in various countries but God is the King of His kingdom through the process of creating the kingdom, setting up the government, choosing the people who are in His kingdom and then sending His only Son to make the purchase price.  This leadership isn’t about control and ruling with an iron fist.  He chose the citizens He wants to give the peace that being in His kingdom brings.


    We talked the other day about how the heavenly hosts praised God in the presence of the shepherds saying how He gives peace to those on whom His favor rests.  Indeed His peace does rest on His people but as in any kingdom if the citizens are not living under the rules of the king, there can’t be peace with the King.  This is where Jesus being our Lord comes in.


    His being the Prince of Peace places Him in the place of ruling with the Father and if we aren’t listening and obeying what He has said, we are living in rejection of His rule.  Just as we don’t live under the rule of two countries at the same time, we can’t live under two spiritual kingdoms.  There are only two spiritual kingdoms – God’s kingdom and the kingdom of the enemy.  If we want peace with the Prince of Peace we have to fully surrender to His rule in our lives.  We can’t try living in both spiritual worlds and think we can have any everlasting peace in our lives.


Making It Personal

    Are you living as if you have a foot in each spiritual world?  What is keeping you from full surrender to the Prince of Peace?  What needs to change in your life to put Jesus as your Lord?


Making It Personal Kids

    What does it mean to let Jesus rule our lives?  Do you see Jesus as your boss?  Why should Jesus be your boss?


Closing Prayer

    Father, the only way to have true peace is to fully surrender to You.  Help us know the parts of our lives which we haven’t surrendered so we know where we are trying to live in both kingdoms.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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