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Perfect Lamb

John 19:28-37

Mark 15:38  The curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.


    The time had come.  Jesus had gone through the torture and pain of the arrest, denials, trials, beatings and hanging for hours on a cross.  When noon came the sun went dark, it was suddenly as dark as it was the night of the first Passover.  Of course this was far from a normal afternoon and it wasn’t exactly going the way the religious leaders were hoping for.  Having Him crucified was meant to be a humiliation.


    The crucifixion was done along a well-traveled road so many people would see Him there.  They wanted to make an example out of Him and what better way to do that than do it during one of the busiest times of the year and along a road where all could see.  It was also meant to be an example for the disciples of Jesus so they wouldn’t try to continue His ministry.


    When the darkness descended it kind of foiled their plans of making a spectacle of Him.  During these dark hours Jesus went through some of the most difficult moments of His life.  He was experiencing excruciating pain of the physical kind and the spiritual kind.  He was feeling the weight of God’s wrath for the sins of all time.  There has never been, nor ever will be, anyone who has to bear the hate of God the way He was having to at that moment.  God hates sin and we never would be able to handle the wrath due us.


    The religious leaders were concerned about messing up their being clean for the special Passover Sabbath, more concerned in fact than they had been about their following the rules about prosecuting someone.  Because of their eagerness to be done with the crucifixion in time to purify themselves for the Sabbath, they asked the Roman soldiers to break the legs of the three on the crosses so they could be taken down.  But Jesus was already dead and therefore they didn’t need to break His legs, fulfilling the prophecy that none of His bones would be broken.


    At the time of His death things began happening.  One of those things was the curtain in the temple which separated the holy place from the most holy place ripped from the top to the bottom.  This opened up the relationship between God and His people.  During the first Passover the people were able to leave the bounds of Egypt so they could get to know God on a more personal level.  When Jesus died during Passover it was so we would not be bound by our sins and would have access to a more personal relationship with God.  Death and sin were defeated by the only true Passover Lamb.


Making It Personal

    What is your relationship with sin?  Have you noticed a difference in your relationship with the Lord during times of sin in your life?  Which sin most commonly creates a barrier in your relationship?


Making It Personal Kids

    Do you find it hard to not sin?  What do you think it was like to be there that day?  Do you want to live for Jesus?


Closing Prayer

    Father, we can’t thank You enough for Your sacrifice.  Convict us of our sins and remind us what it means to live the holy life You desire from us.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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