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Oh No You Didn't!

Numbers 23:1-12

Verse 11 Balak said to Balaam, “What have you done to me? I brought you to curse my enemies, but you have done nothing but bless them!”

Yesterday we were talking about how Balaam had a tough decision to make. Today we kind of see him trying to walk the fence between God and the king.

To start off with he has the king do some sacrificing. Now we know this isn’t a sacrifice to God because the king isn’t a man of God, let alone a priest, and so it was wrong for him to make sacrifices to God. And let’s not forget that Balaam was a false prophet and so his sacrifices wouldn’t have been accepted by God either. So why the sacrifices? Remember that he is trying to convince the king that he is doing what he was called there to do, curse God’s people. There was only one problem, God didn’t want him to cure the Israelites.

Notice where Balaam goes to ask God what he should do? Up to the top of the hill! Just like God’s man Moses was known to do. Balaam is quite the false prophet, isn’t he? He plays all the parts right. In the eyes of the king anyway. But God is not fooled and He makes sure Balaam knows that His desire is to bless His people.

After God gives Balaam the message to give to Balak, Balaam has to make the walk of shame. Can you imagine what Balaam was thinking as he walked back down the hill seeing Balak with all of his officers standing next to the altars that may still have been smoldering? He knew that he was to give Balak the opposite of what he wanted. And he did deliver that message from God. And Balak wasn’t happy about it.

Did you see how Balaam responds? He says he can’t help it. He basically blames it on his not being able to manipulate the gods to say what he wants. Kind of like, “Don’t blame me! I am just saying what I was told.” Remember yesterday we said that Balaam was probably feeling torn? His way of dealing with it was by chickening out instead of standing for truth. It is easy to take that position of not standing for anything so that people won’t get mad at you. But isn’t being people of truth part of obeying God? If we are fearing man so much we aren’t standing for truth, then we are not fearing God who is truth.

Making It Personal

Have you ever found a situation where not standing for truth seemed like the easy way to keep the peace? Have you ever stood for truth and lost friends or family because of your stand? Which do you think is the right thing to do, stand or keep the peace?

Making It Personal Kids

What is truth? What is it if we don’t tell the truth? Memorize this verse John 14:6.

Closing Prayer

Father, help us remember that you call us to speak and live in truth. Reveal truth to us so that we can stand with You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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