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Obedient Rest

Exodus 20:1-18

Verse 8  “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.”


    This is one of those things people can become very legalistic about.  They make it more about what you can’t do on a particular day instead of understanding the purpose behind the command being given.  Throughout time people of God have done as the Pharisees of Jesus time did, made the Sabbath day out to be something to be worshiped.  They didn’t mean to but they became so aware of what they were and weren’t to do, they forgot who the day was to be about.


    When God gave this command to His people through Moses He wasn’t telling them to make a day when the things of the world were to be ignored, He had a much bigger plan in mind.  Remember this command is part of the top section of the list meaning it has to do with our love for God.  Observing a Sabbath’s Day rest isn’t about pleasing God by abstaining from work.  It is more about refraining from work so we can focus on the work of our eternity.


    When we take a day off from the things of everyday life on earth we can fix our eyes more fully on Him and the life we have with Him for eternity.  It is this life with Him which should be our sign of being His.  Just as circumcision was a mark of God’s people, He set one day a week where if we obey His command, will also show His mark upon us.


    Every Sunday we see people going through the motions of everyday life, they are oblivious to the command God’s people have been given to dedicate a day to rest.  Of course the original Sabbath was Saturday but after the resurrection on Easter Sunday believers started meeting on what they called the Lord ’s Day.  It isn’t about the day it is observed on as much as it is about how it is observed.  God commanded His people to keep their day of rest as holy.


    God didn’t give this command strictly out of Self-Love, He designed us and knew we would need to be commanded to take a day of rest or our human desires would consume our lives.  He also knew if we obeyed His command others would see a difference in His people.  We will be more rested and will have time to spend worshiping Him.  By taking a day to rest in Him we can see Him more clearly and understand why He needs to be first in our lives.


Making It Personal

    How do you use the Lord’s Day?  Is it for self-pleasure or God glorification?  How could you living differently than the world on Sunday have a positive effect on those around you?


Making It Personal Kids

    What is different in your house about Sundays other than going to church?  What is your favorite part of Sunday?  How could you spend Sunday in a way that brings Jesus joy?


Closing Prayer

    Father, we repent of all the times we have not lived as You have commanded about a day of rest.  Give us the wisdom to live countercultural.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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