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Love's Accuracy

1 John 3:15-18

Verse 18 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

Today we get to talk about the second portion of what we started talking about yesterday to learn how to live out love – truth.

Truth is something that we need to understand as a solid, absolute fact not something fluid that means whatever the person wants it to mean. That is something of the world that the Church has adopted that we shouldn’t have. When we allow for truth to lose its wholeness, we set ourselves up for a system that can’t stand up to God’s standards. Truth needs to be something that is as solid in our lives as a rock. In fact as solid as THE Rock! God is not shifting and Jesus said, “I am the way, the TRUTH and the life.” (John 14:6) God wants us, as His Church, to be standing for truth and loving in truth.

As we have been learning in this series, loving isn’t always easy. One way that loving others can be hard is when we need to show them love through truth. This is one of the hardest ways of loving our Church. It is loving someone enough that we are willing to speak truth into their lives. Even when they may not want to hear it. It is loving to listen to someone speaking love into our lives even when we don’t want to admit it about ourselves. Truth is truth whether we like it or not. The fact that the truth may hurt shouldn’t make us avoid it because we could be allowing a tumor of sin to continue growing and it won’t stop growing without treatment or the knife of truth cutting it out. If we truly love those in the Church we must show that love with actions and truth.

A key thing to remember is that before we should speak truth to someone else we MUST honestly examine our own hearts and lives for sin issues and take care of them. Then, and only then, can we move forward. Next we need to make sure we know the truth about the other person. We can’t just think we know what the truth is but we have to know the facts of it. How do we know the facts of truth? First we need to be in the Word to see what God says is truth. And if we are addressing a sin in our Christian brother or sister’s life we had better know the truth of what we are saying. Remember the goal is to build up the Church family and the individual brother or sister in Christ. If we don’t speak truth into the situation and they continue in their sin, there WILL come a time when that sin becomes a problem to the whole Church.

One of the biggest things we have to accept and embrace when loving the Church is that it isn’t about us individually. When we think about the good of the Church we MUST think about us as a whole body of believers and see how this choice will affect the image of the Church and ultimately how it will reflect on God.

Making It Personal

Have you ever addressed the truth of sin in someone’s life? Has anyone ever come to you with the truth of a sin in your life? How did you respond?

Making It Personal Kids

How do you know if someone is sinning? Is it ok to tell them they are sinning? Is there a special way to do it?

Closing Prayer

Father, please forgive us for not holding truth as important in our relationships in the Church. Teach us how to love as You want us to. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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