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Love is Faithful

Matthew 5:27-37

Exodus 20:14 “You shall not commit adultery.

Today we continue our march through the commandments. In today’s world – even in the church – this command may seem ignored. We aren’t going to look into this with a heart set on judgment but rather we are going to look at it in the broad sense of the spirit of the law.

We live in a world where purity is looked at with disdain. Adultery has many angles that we over look when we think of this only in the sense of physical sin. Adultery was something that God spoke a lot about through His prophets. It is the making a vow to one and breaking it to be with another. The Israelites were called adulterers by God because they were flirting with other gods.

Jesus pointed out in our reading today that it wasn’t just an act that qualified for the title but that just thinking about it was sinning already. It is a sin because it is opening the door for thoughts to lead to actions. Once our thoughts start focusing on something, it is a slippery slope to sin.

Jesus goes on to other aspects of this command. Things like divorce and vow keeping. The truth of the matter is that this commandment is about commitment. And just like the others, if God isn’t in first place in our life we will be missing the mark on these commands with those in our life. Adultery often leads to divorce (not to say that this is the only cause of divorce, but again that isn’t our focus today) and divorce leads to a break of vows. That is how it is with us too. If we cheat on God with things of this world, it leads our worship to the things of this world and leads to a break in our relationship with God.

Adultery may bring pleasure for the moment but vows are to be held tight to for the duration of the vow. Let’s put ourselves on the opposite side of the adultery. What if it was something done against us? That hurts, right? We weren’t the one to break the vow but we are the one left with the hurt. When we are the one that is wronged it is hard to accept the other person staying in our life. It is hard to forgive such a painful act and yet that is what God does for us time after time. Each time we look to another to fulfill our needs and wants we are committing adultery on God. Do we think that He just shrugs it off? What does adultery against God say about our worship life?

Making It Personal

Have you ever ‘cheated’ on God? Have you asked forgiveness from God? What does it mean to you to be faithful to God?

Making It Personal Kids

Have you ever made a promise? Are promises important? Is it bad to not keep your promise? How do you think God feels about promises?

Closing Prayer

Father, we confess the times we haven’t been faithful to You. Please teach us how to be faithful to You and each other. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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