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Living as the Church in Worship

Titus 2:11-15

Verse 13 …while we wait for the blessed hope—the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ,…

For the last couple of months we have been discussing various ways worship shows up, or should show up, in our lives. Today we reach the end of this study though the topic is endless as there are so many ways we should be living lives of worship and pure praise. We have seen how worship must be done individually and as a Church. We have seen that pure praise involves the young, middle aged and the elderly. As we close this study let’s take one more look at who we worship, how we can show that we worship God by living as He calls us to and the hope we have that drives us to even more worship.

First let’s remember that we are to worship God. Not because of what we can get from Him but because of who He is. He is the Creator, Sustainer, Provider and so many more things. He is the only reason we are here and have breath. He alone is worthy of our praise and worship. He deserves all our worship.

Secondly we show our worship by how we live and we are called to live in a holy manner. We must be so devoted to God that we turn from our sinful pleasures and godless living. Our lives should be so different from the world that our lives lived in worship should be bringing God glory and helping the world see who He is. And when we are gathered to worship Him, our time together should bind us closer because we have joint purpose in living lives of worship.

Thirdly, we see the hope we have in worship. Because we know who He is and what He has done and continues to do, we know what awaits us in the future and forever. We know that we have a hope that will be fulfilled when we find ourselves in His presence forever. We have hope that we will be united with fellow worshipers for eternity. We have the hope of seeing our God and Father face to face which we know can never happen in this life. We have hope that can’t readily be expressed as there are no words to do it justice.

Of course the ultimate reason for our full devotion and worship is the sacrifice of His Son for our sins and His resurrection which conquered death. There are so many reasons to worship Him we should never be without an opportunity to praise.

Making It Personal

What aspect of worship have you become aware of during the series Pure Praise? What has changed in your worship life recently? Do you look forward to worshiping God forever?

Making It Personal Kids

What have you learned about worship? What is a way that you worship God? What will you praise God for right now?

Closing Prayer

Father, we thank You for this opportunity to learn more fully what it means to praise You. May we worship You wholeheartedly forever. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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