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Let Me Teach You a Few Things

Psalm 51:13

Verse 13  Then I will teach transgressors Your ways, so that sinners will turn back to You.


    We ended our time together yesterday with a thought about one of the results of our finding joy and willingly obeying Jesus in all things.  David had come to understand his spiritual life wasn’t all about him.  He may have been thinking about all the other people who had helped him in his sin and knew they were probably finding themselves at odds with God because of the things they had done for the king.


    Having his own life back on track through the power of the Holy Spirit allowed the king to speak from experience when he talked to his friends and others about the forgiveness which could be theirs if they turned to God.  The thing is, they wouldn’t believe him if they didn’t see his joy and change of lifestyle.  They would believe what they saw.


    The king also understood it wasn’t something they were simply going to grasp, they would need to be taught.  Notice how David didn’t pray for someone to teach them but rather asked the Lord to restore his joy and give him a willing spirit so he could teach those who were caught up in their sins.  This shows David understood the importance of spiritual family, a place and people where iron could sharpen iron so all could grow in their relationship with the Father.


    This teaching wasn’t about David brainwashing the people, he wanted them to learn the ways of the Lord.  Nor was this teaching simply to make the people smart in the Lord’s ways, it was for the work of transforming their life, to help them see their sin for what it was so they would repent and seek the Lord with all their hearts.


    David’s prayer was for other sinners to turn back to God because he personally knew the transforming power of surrendering to God.  The king knew when people learned God’s ways their hearts would be changed.  Some may become hardened to His will and ways but those He has chosen will see themselves for who they really are, sinful people being called into obedience by the Holy God.


Making It Personal

    How important is it to you to teach others about God?  How do you teach others about God?  What could friends or family members coming to Jesus mean for your relationship with them?


Making It Personal Kids

    What does it mean to be a sinner?  Do you want your friends and family to know Jesus?  What are some ways you could teach them about Jesus?


Closing Prayer

    Father, we repent of not doing our part to teach others about who You are.  Give us hearts for the lost so we will desire to teach them about You.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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