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His Riches Our Provision

Philippians 4:10-23

Verse 19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.

Paul knew the blessing of having friends support him in his work for the Kingdom. He also knew that they were a part of God’s plan of provision for him.

Paul’s declaration in our key verse for the day is one we should all be able to say. Paul has already stated that he had learned to live in plenty and in want but this was taking that thought one step further. He knew God would meet all his needs but he was telling his friends that God would meet all theirs as well.

One reason people say they don’t give more to the church or missionaries is that they need to pay their bills and there isn’t enough left afterwards to share with the church and ministries. Paul is telling them that isn’t the truth. Paul knew from experience that God would supply ALL his needs. He may not have everything he wanted but he never went without what he needed.

We say that we know God has control of everything and we believe Him to hold the riches of the world and beyond, so why do we seem so unsettled by the thought that He can provide our every need? It probably isn’t a matter of our not thinking He can provide, it is more that we wonder if we can trust Him to provide.

We become so self-reliant that we doubt that anyone can take as good care of us as we can take care of ourselves. So we work long hours and do everything we can to pay the bills and take comfort in the fact that there is a bit left over for wants. But Paul knew there was more available. Maybe not more finances in every situation because sometimes God teaches trust in moments of great need.

Paul knew the blessing that could be ours if we gave selflessly and allowed God to provide. Of course he wasn’t saying to spend your finances foolishly or to give to the point that you are the one in need. No, Paul was helping his friends, and in turn us, to see the truth of what God can do when we see Him as the ultimate provider in our lives. He has provided us with salvation from sin, do we doubt He can provide the insignificant things of this earth?

Making It Personal

How much do you trust God to provide? Does your giving reflect that? When is a time that He has provided for you in a way that you weren’t expecting?

Making It Personal Kids

How does Jesus provide for your needs? Do you trust that Jesus will give you what you need? Why does Jesus provide for you?

Closing Prayer

Father, You provide so much for us, even in ways that we don’t know. We thank You for lavishing Your love on us and taking care of our every need. Give us wisdom in serving You with our finances. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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