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Hiding Idols

Genesis 31:1-21

Verse 19 When Laban had gone to shear his sheep, Rachel stole her father’s household gods.

We have been looking at lives that have been pointing towards God through their lives of worship. Today we take a peek at a divided house.

Jacob had worked 14 years for his prize wife, Rachel. He was smitten the first time he saw her. Sadly we can see from today’s reading that their beliefs were not in line. He had a relationship with God, albeit a rocky one, but his wives (sisters, Leah and Rachel – see Genesis 29:1-30) were not raised in the same kind of God-fearing family that Jacob’s family had been. Jacob was the grandson of Abraham after all; part of the promised lineage which God had told Abraham about. For all of Jacob’s faults, and there was quite a list of them, he knew God in a personal enough way that God spoke to him and guided him.

Leah and Rachel acknowledged God’s blessing Jacob with much of their father’s wealth and they are willing to leave their dad and go with Jacob since they felt their dad had dealt unfairly with them. It almost makes it seem like they are going with their husband because that is the only way they can see having any wealth in the future. But there is something else that Rachel doesn’t seem to be able to leave behind and this shows that her allegiance is not with the God of Jacob. She steals her father’s idols and hides them.

That is how it is with us too, isn’t it? Yes, we may not have mini household statues that we worship but our allegiance isn’t always as solid on Christ as it should be. And it isn’t that we would readily admit it or announce it but we know. And God knows. If there is more than just God, our worship is tainted and we can’t give Him the pure praise that He is owed. Don’t you think it is time that we clean house of those idols in our life? If we want to give Him our pure praise we have to make Him our One and Only.

Making It Personal

Is there something that you spend more time and effort on than you do in worship to Christ? Is it something you would feel comfortable other people knowing about you? Ask God to point out anything to you that you need to clean out of your life.

Making It Personal Kids

What do you think an idol looks like? Do you think it has to be something like a statue? Is there something in your life that may act like an idol in your life?

Closing Prayer

Father, please help us see if there is anything in our life that is taking worship away from You. Please make it clear if there is a way our heart is divided. Thank You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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