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Here’s What You Do

Exodus 12:6-13

Verse 8  That same night they are to eat the meat roasted over the fire, along with bitter herbs, and bread made without yeast.


    After caring for the young lamb or goat for four days they were to slaughter it at twilight.  So as twilight came the land of Goshen became a place of bleating animals all being taken out for slaughter at the same time.  The next step would have seemed a bit strange to them.  This was before the law which had the blood from sacrifices being sprinkled on various items of the Tabernacle and Temple but God was telling them to paint some of the blood on the tops and sides of the door frame of each home where the meat of the animal was going to be eaten.


    This is one of those moments of symbolism which is more for the benefit of the obedient than to the Lord.  The blood on the doorposts was a sign those in the house were to be saved, specifically the oldest children of the home.  But notice in verse 13 how it was to be a sign to the people.  Yes, God was going to pass over the homes and He would already know if they had followed His directions without the sign.  It wasn’t so God would know which houses to skip over, it was so the other Israelites could see they weren’t the only ones obeying.


    There were some other details which needed to be attended to, things which may not make sense at the moment but would in the future celebrations they didn’t know were coming.  Along with the slaughtered animal roasted over an open fire, they were to fix a meal with bitter herbs and bread without yeast.  They were not to cook the animal any way other than roasted and it was to be roasted with its legs and head attached as well as leave in the internal organs.  Though not a typical meal for the Israelites, they would come to embrace what these foods meant.


    They were also not allowed to keep any of it until the next morning.  Soon they would have a daily reminder of not keeping food until the next day as the manna would be spoiled on day two except for the Sabbath.  Though this was not about the meat spoiling, they were to make sure it was all burned up.  Another way this meal was different was how they were to eat it.  They had to be fully clothed with their shoes on and staffs in their hands so they were ready to go when Pharaoh told them to go.  They were to eat in a hurry because God was on the move and needed them to ready to go when the time came.


Making It Personal

    Has there ever been something God has asked you to do so you could see what He was up to?  Do you need to know others are obeying before you will obey?  Do you ever hurry to obey God?


Making It Personal Kids

    How do you know if Jesus is doing something in your world?  Do you wait to see if others are obeying before you do?  How quickly do you obey Jesus?


Closing Prayer

    Father, You were doing more than the Israelites could see and You are more at work in our world than we can see.  Give us hearts to see where You are working so we can join You in Your work.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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