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Helmet of Grace

Ephesians 2:1-10

Verse 8  For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—


    We mentioned yesterday how the helmet helps us gain and hold onto the knowledge we have about the Lord and His work in our lives.  This includes what we know about how He works and what we know He is wanting to do in our lives.  Protecting knowledge may not be something we are used to thinking about and yet it is one of the most important things we need to pay attention to in our spiritual walk.


    The idea of protecting our knowledge isn’t merely about what we already know but also what we are accepting in as knowledge.  We live in an age where there is a lot of talk of false information or fake news but if we aren’t wearing our helmets and understanding what it means to have salvation we are likely to accept false spiritual information.  If we don’t understand salvation there is no way we can share it or defend it.


    One of the most important pieces of knowledge we need to know and hold tightly to is the truth regarding our relationship with sin.  When Jesus died for our sins it was so we could die from them.  We don’t have to allow sin to have any place in our lives.  The knowledge of our salvation should take away all desire for sin in our lives.  If we find ourselves saying we can’t stop doing some sin we need to ask ourselves why we aren’t allowing the knowledge of our salvation to defeat those sins.


    The grace we have been given isn’t given as a coupon to sin.  We have a responsibility to accept this gift with the understanding it isn’t ours to abuse.  When we give a gift of money to someone we know is struggling financially, we wouldn’t like it if we learned they used the gift to take a vacation or go for a night out on the town.  To continue in the sin we know we shouldn’t be doing, is taking advantage of the death of Jesus on the cross.


    To know about salvation and to know salvation are two different things.  We can know facts but until we allow the truth of the Gospel and Christ’s sacrifice to penetrate the depths of our hearts, we will not be able to find the joy of salvation which we know Paul had.


Making It Personal

    What do you know about salvation?  What is your relationship with your sin?  Why does that sin hold such power over you?


Making It Personal Kids

    What is a sin you like?  Why do you like that sin so much?  Do you have to do that sin?


Closing Prayer

    Father, thank You for Your grace and care.  We confess we don’t always see our sin as a choice against You.  Give us the strength and wisdom to flee from our sin instead of excusing it.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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