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Good Versus Evil

James 3:13-18

Verse 15 Such “wisdom” does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic.

We have been talking about the wisdom that we should be desiring as God’s people. If God is the source of Godly wisdom, who or what is the source of earthly wisdom?

James wants his readers to understand without a doubt that there is only one source of wisdom that they should be seeking. They are believers and so they have no right to be looking for any wisdom but from the Father. Neither do we and that means we need to be diligent in knowing the source of the wisdom we are ascribing to.

James was intentional about pointing out that the wisdom of the world isn’t even partially godly. He goes as far as to say that the wisdom of this world is demonic. Yup, that right, demonic. He is saying that the wisdom of this world is the opposite of the wisdom we should be seeking. We shouldn’t want anything to do with the world’s kind of wisdom. And yet how easily we find ourselves falling for the lies of the world.

The reason it is so easy to believe the lies of the world is because we are so out of tune with God’s wisdom. We tend to act like we know all we need to know to live godly lives but if we honestly examine our lives we will find that more often than not it is not God’s wisdom that our lives display.

God’s wisdom missing from our lives is what James knew his readers should be concerned about. If we aren’t living in a way that others are seeing the wisdom of God, we are displaying the enemy and that is a big problem. If the church isn’t displaying a pure wisdom from God, how can the world tell the difference between us and those of the world?

We talked the other day about some of the specific ways the wisdom of the world reveals itself. Envy and selfish ambition are evident at every turn as we go through our daily life. They are part of business dealings as well as relationships. James says that because of these practices of the world, disorder and evil practices abound. If our lives, or churches, seem more like the world than God, maybe we should ask ourselves whose wisdom it is built on.

Making It Personal

Is there disorder in your life? How about evil practices? Have you ever thought of them as evidence of the world in your life?

Making It Personal Kids

What are some things that are wisdom of the world? What is the result of thinking like the world? Does thinking like the world make Jesus happy or sad?

Closing Prayer

Father, we often think that we need to be like the world to win it for You but that isn’t what Your Word says. Please convict us when we start leaning towards the world’s way of doing things. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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