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Forgiveness As A Way Of Life

Copyright by Freedom in Christ, used with permission.

If you watched the last session on video you will have seen the story of a lady who faced the man who killed her daughter in court and told him that she forgave him. She said she chose to forgive because she herself had been forgiven by Jesus.

When we understand that Jesus commanded us to forgive for our own sake, so that we would not get into the bondage of bitterness, we will be quick to forgive, even when the offence is as huge as in this case.

Why compound the pain that has been caused to you by allowing it to fester?

Do you agree that forgiveness is for your own sake? If so, will you resolve to do it and to keep doing it? When you make it a way of life to forgive and to keep forgiving, you have removed one of the prime strategies Satan has to hold you back and to stop you becoming the fruitful disciple that Jesus wants you to be.


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