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(For)Given to (For)Give

Matthew 6:5-15

Verse 12  And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.


    One of the greatest things God has provided us with is forgiveness.  His forgiveness is of utmost importance to the Christian.  In fact, without His forgiveness we can’t be Christians.  We can try to be moral and live as we think He would live but unless we have His forgiveness, we are only trying to provide our own connection with Him.


    Forgiveness is an important part of our relationship with Him.  If we don’t have His forgiveness, there can be no relationship with Him.  His holiness requires holiness in return, but we can’t live the holy life and so we require His forgiveness.  And the thing about forgiveness is we are happy to receive it but not as willing to give it.


    Part of our unwillingness to forgive has to do with our self-importance.  We tend to think we are owed being treated well and so when we are slighted in the smallest ways we get upset and start holding it against that person.  When we hold onto it we start brewing on it and we start finding other reasons we should feel slighted by that person.  Before we realize what is happening we have let the issue grow so large we don’t think it is forgivable.


    When Jesus added this to His sample prayer He was making it clear how God felt about forgiveness.  Just as He had taught them to pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it was to be done in heaven, they needed to understand to do God’s will meant remembering how God had forgiven them.  This is the first step of forgiveness because if we don’t see our need for His grace and mercy, we won’t understand our need to extend it.


    Offering forgiveness is necessary for our relationship with God.  When we hold on to grievances done to us we are really saying we have more right than God to hold onto what has been done to us.  It is also putting ourselves on a pedestal higher than those around us because we think we deserve God’s forgiveness but they don’t deserve ours.  If we want revival, we need to break down the barriers unforgiveness builds.  We need to repent to Him and forgive one another.


Making It Personal

    What does God’s forgiveness mean to you?  How quick are you to forgive others when you feel sinned against?  Who must you forgive today?


Making It Personal Kids

    What has Jesus forgiven you for?  Do you forgive others?  Who do you need to give forgiveness to today?


Closing Prayer

    Father, we repent of how we don’t readily offer forgiveness to others when You have given us such great forgiveness.  Help us become a forgiving people so we can live as examples of Your love.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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