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Don’t Cheat on God

Exodus 20:1-18

Verse 14  “You shall not commit adultery.”


    This commandment is another command which is deeper than it appears on the surface.  In fact, it is the command God often referenced as what His people failed at in their relationship with Him.  While it does mean the obvious about being faithful in marriage, it also means we are to be faithful outside of marriage.  Single people and kids don’t have only 9 commandments to follow, God gave all 10 for all His people.


    As we learned yesterday, the sin isn’t only considered a sin when the act is committed but when it is thought about or talked about.  This is where we all must guard our heart and mind in regards to marriage.  While it needs to be attended to while married there are ways we need to tend to our thoughts and words even when not married.


    Keeping our thoughts pure is not an easy task especially in our society today which bombards us with us images, jokes, entertainment and even lyrics which do their best to try to draw us away from pure thoughts.  To maintain the kinds of thoughts and actions the Lord has commanded us to have we need to be very attentive to what we are allowing into our thoughts and eyes.


    As we said earlier, this is a command which God referred to outside its basic understanding, it has a spiritual application as well.  Many times through the generations God referred to His people as adulterous because they had stopped giving Him all He wanted out of the relationship as they pursued gratification from other gods.  They would turn their eyes off of God and start worshiping the gods of the people around them.  Some of those false gods were based on sexual acts or undertones.


    Such dangers continue to exist in our world, though they may go by other names and don’t have a graven image or pole as was common in ancient days.  We can’t pretend we don’t know where those influences are in our lives.  Knowing they have influence in our lives is our first step to repenting.  We need to address not only what we are allowing into our lives but also why we allow them in.  Imagine the revival Christians could inspire by following this command and not committing adultery against God.


Making It Personal

    How faithful are you in this area of life?  How faithful are you to God in your lifestyle?  Could God use your life as a positive role model for those in your life?


Making It Personal Kids

    Do you watch or read anything which would make Jesus upset?  How can you show Jesus He means more to you than anyone or anything else?  Do you show Him that all the time?


Closing Prayer

    Father, we repent of the times we have not kept ourselves pure or stayed true to You.  Please give us wisdom in our choices so that our lives and thoughts please You always.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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