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Deeds of Faith

James 2:14-17

Verse 14 What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them?

Yesterday we talked about how the freedom of the law leads us to live in ways that draw people to see God. But can it just be talk of our faith?

James once again takes his readers down another deep, important truth. He must have heard or seen some other evidence that there was some people that were talking the talk but not walking the walk. This is still an issue in the Church of our day.

Notice James isn’t saying that it is the deeds that save us. He asks them if deedless faith could save. His focus is on the faith not necessarily the deeds. He needed them to understand that the level of their faith is revealed by the deeds that they do. Of course the same is true for us. If we have true faith there will be evidence of it by the way we live.

When we see how we are nothing without Christ, we can’t help but want to praise Him. James is helping his readers, and us, to see that praising Jesus with our mouths but not with our actions is a form of blasphemy. It is like we are saying that Jesus is good enough for us to tell Him that we love Him but He isn’t good enough that we should live as He would have us living.

We need to ask ourselves what these deeds are that James is talking about. Is he talking about walking old ladies across the street or holding the door open for someone? Well, that may be part of it but he was talking about all the things that we can do in Christ’s name. Maybe it is a meal prepared for the neighbor who is feeling sick and that we have been trying to show the love of Jesus to. Or it may be as simple as letting the person with a crying child behind us in the checkout line to go ahead of us so they can move along to get the child what it needs.

No matter what good deed we do, if we do it in the name of Jesus, that deed will reveal the truth of our faith in Him.

Making It Personal

What connection do you place with faith and deeds? Would you say that the deeds you do on a daily basis reflect a true faith in Christ? What changes do you need to make that will further reveal your faith?

Making It Personal Kids

Why do good deeds show how much faith you have in Jesus? What is a good deed that would show that you love Jesus? What is a good deed you can do today?

Closing Prayer

Father, we confess the times that we have not done the things that show that we praise You. Help us have eyes opened to see each opportunity that You bring us, so that we can show our faith in You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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