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Counter Advice

2 Samuel 17:7-14

Verse 7 Hushai replied to Absalom, “The advice Ahithophel has given is not good this time.

Hushai had come to Jerusalem with a purpose and now was his time to shine. Absalom needed advice and having heard Ahithophel’s he wanted a second opinion. The Lord answered David’s prayer for Ahithophel’s advice to be turned to foolishness (2 Samuel 15:31). Though Hushai didn’t know he was part of God’s plan for answering David’s prayer, he was willing to give advice he saw as wise for the work he had been given to do, keep David informed.

If Absalom’s men were to chase after David yet that day Hushai would have no time to make sure David knew they were coming. The time it would take to collect the men from the places he was going to suggest would give Hushai time to get the message to David and his men. Hushai had also been an official counselor to David which gave him some of the same insights Ahithophel would have and yet they saw things quite differently now.

We mentioned yesterday Ahithophel seemed to have his own agenda against David but we know Hushai was secretly working for David. Two men with similar responsibilities but seeing them from opposite ends of loyalty. It was the loyalty to David which had Hushai willing to show Absalom his father’s strengths. He was showing his loyalty to David by sounding loyal to Absalom. Hushai wanted Absalom to think he was trying to save him and his men many casualties.

Hushai also tries to help Absalom look further than a battle with the king. If he failed to kill his father and win against David’s troops, he would likely lose many of his own men and how would the people feel about him then? If he lost many of their sons, husbands and fathers because he went after his father before gathering the needed forces, he would lose the favor of the people.

This also reminded Absalom those in favor of him and those in favor of his father were both watching. If he made a rash move now, it could affect the standing he had with the people and that could make or break his future as their leader. This was a part of being a leader he wasn’t used to. Absalom was used to doing what he had planned when he planned to do it, no matter who was affected.

Making It Personal

How do you choose between two choices? Does your choice usually reflect what will be more pleasing for you or all it affects? How much does prayer play a part in your decision making?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you find it hard to make decisions? Who do you ask for advice? How does Jesus help you make decisions?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for being there for every decision we need to make. Give us wisdom moving forward. Help us to make decisions based on what will benefit Your people best. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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