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Can I Build You a House?

2 Samuel 7:1-29

Verse 2 “Here I am, living in a house of cedar, while the ark of God remains in a tent.”

Today we are looking at another time in David’s life when he showed his relationship with God.

After years of running for his life David’s enemy Saul is now out of the picture and David has finally started to settle into his life as king. But he remembers the Ark of God which was brought to town and he starts thinking about how he as the king of the earthly kingdom has a palace and his friend, the King of the Universe is being housed in a tent and it bothers David. It bothers him so much that he talks to Nathan, God’s prophet, about building God a temple-like house. Nathan encourages him to do it. But after God talked to Nathan that night, he went back to tell David that God had other plans about building up David’s house.

David was focused on a physical house for God and God was focused on a lineage house for David. Notice how David responds to God’s squashing his plans. We don’t usually like it when God tells us we aren’t going to get what we were asking for but David doesn’t seem to be upset. David doesn’t look at what God has halted in the immediate future, he instead sits down and praises God for His future plans; plans that David won’t live to see.

Praising God for things in the future that we won’t see may seem strange to us but the root cause of his praise is God’s character. He knew that if God said it, it would happen. Did David realize that part of that promise was the Messiah coming from his descendants? Probably not. But it didn’t matter since David was just looking at God’s character and he was praising Him for all the things God had already done. That is what we should do too. It is easier to praise Him for what is coming when we list what He has done in the past.

Making It Personal

What future things do you want to praise God for? What things do you praise Him for from the past? Make a list and praise Him for each thing that comes to memory, maybe even some prayers that He answered with no.

Making It Personal Kids

What is something you would want to ask God for that you would want in the future? Do you think it is wrong to ask God for things we want? What are some things that you want to praise God for that He has done in the past?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for all the ways You have cared for us and provided for us in the past. Thank You for protecting us from the things we ask for that aren’t in Your will for us. Father, You are worthy of all our praise. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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