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Brothers Prepare

Acts 1:13-14

Verse 14  They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.


    After Jesus died His disciples felt lost in mission.  They had given up everything to follow Him and then He was dead.  After that first Easter Sunday they were revived because He was back.  Though they weren’t with Him every moment of every day as they had been for the last few years they were happy to have Him pop in and out of their lives for the next 40 days.  When they had watched Him ascend up to the heavens, they were once again lost, but this time with hope.


    Jesus had told them He was needing to go away but would be sending a helper in His place.  They assumed it would be different but would be good because the Lord was setting it up.  The first step was to obey and He had said to wait for the Helper in Jerusalem.  In obedience they walked back to the city and went to the upper room they were staying in.  It could be they were in the same room where they had spent time with Him, the room they had first saw the risen Lord.


    The disciples weren’t the only people in this room waiting for Who the Lord was going to send.  Jesus’ mother, Mary was there.  It is likely she had spent enough time with these men that they were dear to her heart and her to theirs.  Joining the group were a few men who had not wanted much to do with Jesus during His ministry.  In fact His brothers had told Him to stop doing the ministry and embarrassing the family name.


    These men may have had the hardest time believing Jesus was the Messiah because of knowing Him their entire lives.  It wasn’t memories about Jesus doing bad things which made them doubt but rather how He never did anything wrong.  He was so perfect they feared looking too naughty in comparison.  It is hard to be the younger sibling of someone so perfect.  But all that changed after the resurrection.


    Though they had been dead to life in Christ during His ministry, they were now alive in Him and ready to be part of the team which carried on His mission.  To that end they were with the team preparing by praying constantly for the revival which was coming.  The coming revival was because of the revival which had come to their lives.


Making It Personal

    When did you know God had brought life to your heart?  What was your response to that new life?  What steps are you taking for revival in your life so you can be ready for a wide spread revival?


Making It Personal Kids

    Have you ever felt like Jesus had done something to make you feel more alive?  What did that feeling make you want to do?  How can you prepare to do things for Jesus?


Closing Prayer

    Father, we repent of the times we have failed to prepare our hearts for the revival we say we desire.  Please give us hearts that will prepare to make You known.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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