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Are You Heading For Burnout?

Copyright by Freedom in Christ, used with permission.

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last. John 15:16a

The world tells us we must perform well and accomplish certain things in order to be significant. Yet as a child of God, you are already as significant as you could possibly be. Before you were even created, God chose you to be His, and appointed you to make an eternal difference. You cannot get more significant than being hand-picked by the Author of all creation!

Even though we don’t need to achieve anything beyond what we already have in Christ in order to be significant, it’s easy to fall for the world’s lies. If we do, it can drive us into exhaustion and burnout as we strive to meet a need that has already been met in Christ.

Think and pray about whether you are trying to meet your need for significance through performing and achieving – at work, in the home, in studying, at church, in friendships, in other relationships, or in other ways.

Ask God if there is anything He wants you to change in your life as a result of what you have realized. It may be that you need to stop doing some things, or do them differently, or do them the same but with a different motivation and heart.


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