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A Month's Grace

Numbers 9:5-14

Verse 8  Moses answered them, “Wait until I find out what the Lord commands concerning you.”


    As the people of Israel prepared to celebrate the second Passover there were some who had a particular concern, they were unclean and therefore unable to celebrate the holiday.  Sometimes it is hard to remember the details of something you are doing for the first or second time.  They didn’t have calendars in their pockets or on their walls as most of us do to help them remember the celebration was coming up so they could remain ceremonially clean.


    We don’t know the circumstances regarding the dead body they had handled but we can see by their concern about being unclean they were people devoted to God who wanted to celebrate the festival.  They were so upset about not being able to celebrate they go to Moses and ask him what to do.  Being the leader of many people, he likely didn’t know what was going on with every one of them all the time.


    Moses must have seen the desire they had to live according to the law and knew their desire to worship God as He had commanded.  As a leader, Moses took their problem to heart and told them he would take the issue directly to God.  The deadline was coming quickly and they would need to know what God desired of them.  Our key verse for today says Moses was going to wait to hear from God but with the timeline and God’s heart for His people, it probably didn’t take long for them to get an answer.


    How it must have pleased God to know these people wanted to obey Him.  He told Moses to have the people celebrate the festival a month later after they were able to be cleansed.  The Lord understood there were situations which would arise where a person couldn’t do it at the prescribed time so He gave them an alternate date but ONLY for those who were unclean on the first date or were traveling at that time.  He only gave one substitute date, they weren’t allowed to go on a four month vacation and celebrate it whenever they got around to getting back or not want to celebrate it at all.


    God was showing His gracious nature but not budging on His command.  He knew those who wanted to obey would and those who didn’t want to would not obey no matter the cost.  He told His followers if there were those who didn’t want to obey, they should be cut out of the community.  He also knew there were those from the outside would come to love Him and want to follow so He made the provision for them to be able to celebrate as long as they were circumcised.  There were still only two options, obey or disobey.


Making It Personal

    What are some times God has called His people to gather for worship?  How important is it for you to celebrate God as He has called you to do?  When have you chosen to ignore His call?


Making It Personal Kids

    Does Jesus want you to celebrate any special days?  Do you like getting together with other Christians to worship on those days?  How important is it to you to worship as Jesus wants you to?


Closing Prayer

    Father, we thank You for Your grace.  Help us to see and understand the spirit of the laws You have given not just what they are and above all give us hearts which long to obey.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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