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A League Of Its Own

Copyright by Freedom in Christ, used with permission.

The Bible is like no other book. It was written by over 40 different people on three different continents across 1500 years of history. The Bible as a whole has been lovingly put together and preserved through history by countless people who have so treasured it and been absolutely convinced that it stands apart from any other book as something really special. They believed what the Bible says about itself – that is, it is the message of God Himself to the people He created.

You heard in the introductory session that the Bible always outsells every other book, so much so that the best-seller lists each year just leave it out! It was the first book ever to be printed, and it is estimated that 6 billion (yes, that’s billion!) copies have been printed throughout history – so nearly one for every person on the planet right now! And it has been translated into over 2,500 languages, more than any other book. The closest to that is Pilgrim’s Progress (which is based on the Bible) at 2,000 languages, and the third is Pinocchio at a mere 260 languages. There is something about this book that has powerfully moved people to get their hands on it, to read it, to know it and live it, and do all they can to get it into the hands of others.

If you have never got to grips with reading the Bible regularly before, why not try reading a little bit each day? You could start with one of the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. As you read, remind yourself of the truths we have looked at and that the Creator of the universe wants to speak to you through His Word, the Bible, today. Wow!


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