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A History Lesson

Copyright by Freedom in Christ, used with permission.

Believing that the Bible really is God’s message to us is not just a blind leap of faith. Hundreds of millions of people through history have concluded the opposite – that it is a perfectly reasonable and credible position to take, based on evidence.

One reason is that history confirms the Bible. Now, this is a very good thing, because if the historical details in its pages were proved to be false, then why should we believe anything else that it claims to be true? If the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah never really existed, or if the pool in Jerusalem with amazing healing properties was made up, or if the Hittite people only ever lived in the imagination of one of the Bible writers, why should we believe it when the Bible then claims that Jesus healed people, or died on the cross for us, or rose from the dead?

You may have never asked yourself these kinds of questions before, but your answers to them are crucial. Archaeologists have time and again uncovered hard evidence that has done nothing but verify the Bible’s historical accuracy. Not once have they disproved it! This is remarkable, and gives us every reason to believe everything else the Bible teaches, that this world may consider “out of the ordinary”.

As you read your Bible, keep reminding yourself that you’re not reading make-believe stories designed merely to teach us valuable life lessons. You’re reading about real events involving real people, and a real glorious God who would go to extraordinary lengths to save you and restore you back into His family – even at the cost of the life of His son. The Bible tells us the truth!


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