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Morning Services

Living Out God's Truth            Pastor Chip Nightingale

Finding Joy When All I See Are Trials

                                           Pastor Chip Nightingale

Meeting God on Fort Mountain               Josh Shaarda

Life is a Desert Journey                          James Blamer

Known by the All Knowing God      Pastor Jake Weeda

Bewitched                                 Pastor John DeLeeuw

The Parable of the Sower             Pastor Bob Nienhuis

The Benefits of Justification          Pastor John DeLeeuw

Longing for Love                          Pastor Keith Mannes

Happy Father's Day - This is War      David Zuiderveen

If                                                 Pastor Jake Weeda

Cleansed from Shame                           Josh Shaarda

At What Time Were You Hired                Josh Shaarda

Mourning and Meekness               Pastor Mark Immink

Evening Services

The World's View of Truth                     Josh Shaarda

Choosing to Believe the Truth                Josh Shaarda

Who Am I                                          Josh Shaarda

We Have to Celebrate and Be Glad

                                              Pastor Doug Vrieland

Godly Wisdom                     Pastor Chip Nightingale

Building with Noah                             Josh Shaarda

An Overflowing Cup              Pastor Mark Heijerman

The Sacrifice of a Son                Pastor Doug Vrieland

Blessed is the Nation                          EMCRC Elders

Back to the Basics of the Gospel - Grace

                                                         Josh Shaarda

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