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You Want Praise During This?!

Psalm 92:6-7

Verse 6 Senseless people do not know, fools do not understand,…

Yesterday we talked about how it is important to make sure that God is on the throne of our hearts. But how much we trust the Lord of the throne plays a part in our embracing Him in praise.

It is easy to say that we trust the Lord when things are going swell in our lives but when those bumps come in the road we find out if it is truly trust in Him or if it is just a belief that He is good. When trials come it becomes hard to praise Him because it is hard to trust Him because we can’t see what He is doing.

We like to see what is going on in our lives and can be distressed when things aren’t going the way we think they should or the way we want. But it should come as no shock to us that God knows way more about what is going on than we do. While we are complaining about this one thing going wrong we are missing the details that are going on around us. We may see things going well with those around us and we find it hard to trust God as we struggle because we can’t see how a God that is trustworthy could ever make things go well for someone that is living in opposition to His ways while things are rough for us as we obey His ways.

Heartfelt praising can only come from the heart that trusts God. We need to come to a place where we can praise Him in the storm because we know that He is the master of the storm. When we know in our hearts that He is in control even when it seems like full on chaos, we will find ourselves leaving our troubles at His feet as we lift our praises up.

Embracing the God of the Sabbath requires our trusting Him when we can’t see what He is doing. Having a day when we can reset our focus on Him can bring us to trust Him more. The more time we take to get to know Him the more we will come to know His character and that will lead to trust – trust in His ways and trust in His timing. And when we trust Him in these ways we will find that our praise can’t help but grow more abundant and heartfelt. He is worthy of our praise and when we know that on a heart level we won’t be able to hold it back.

Making It Personal

What part of your life don’t you trust Him with? Can you identify why you find it hard to trust Him in this area? What needs to happen for you to surrender that to Him today?

Making It Personal Kids

What does trust look like? Who do you trust? Do you trust God?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for looking at the big picture and working everything for our good and Your glory. Help us identify where we lack trust in You so that we can address it in our lives. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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