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You Deserve More Than a Tent

Psalm 132

Verse 5 “…till I find a place for the Lord, a dwelling for the Mighty One of Jacob.”

Yesterday we talked about David’s special vow and today we talk about the reason for his vow and what this has to teach us about our worship.

David’s love of God was evident in every one of the many psalms he penned. He understood his position to God and that showed up no matter how David was feeling. There are psalms of repentance, petitions due to fear and solid praise because of who God is. The psalmist writing this psalm about David wanted the travelers to remember the various songs of David. They needed to remember why they were headed to experience the result of David’s vow.

The vow was, in and of itself, an action of praise. David’s respect for who God is brings him to desire to build a dwelling for the Lord. God had told His people in the wilderness at the time of Moses that He will dwell in His tent of meeting that He told His people to build. That tabernacle was specially designed by God and He had even provided a couple of men who were masters of their crafts to make each and every article of the tent itself as well as the items that were crafted for the use of the priests.

David was convinced that now that the Israelites had taken the land that the Lord had promised them that they needed to move the tabernacle to Jerusalem. But David wasn’t satisfied with the meeting place being in a tent when the majority of the people were no longer dwelling in tents. The people of God weren’t living as nomads so why should God?

This wasn’t something that God was asking for nor was it something that was commanded of the people when they settled in the Promise Land. But David saw it as a way that the people were living in conditions above the Lord and that bothered him. His love of God led him to see that they had metaphorically left God in the times of the wanderings. David wanted the people to view God not as someone that had met with them in the wilderness but who was their God in plenty as well. David wanted to make sure that the people were worshiping the King of Kings not the king they could see.

Making It Personal

Have you ever given much thought to if you give yourself better benefits than you give God? What are ways that you have placed God in a position lower than yourself? How can you make sure He has the top spot in your life?

Making It Personal Kids

Are there times when you think about yourself and what you want before thinking about what Jesus would want? Is it hard to think about Jesus deserving more than you have been giving Him? What can you do for Jesus today?

Closing Prayer

Father, You deserve everything we have to offer. Give us eyes to see what we should be giving You, whether it be our time, finances, or maybe even more glory. You are worthy. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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