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Worth the Journey

Matthew 2:1-12

Verse 10 When they saw the star, they were overjoyed.

Now we jump forward a few years in our story and meet up with some of the most unlikely visitors for the young Messiah. These men are from the east, likely from Persia area. They were learned men and may even have been from a group that passed on the wisdom of God from Daniel who had been a wise man in that land many years before.

The reason they knew about the Messiah had to do with a sign in the sky, a star like none they had seen before. Upon seeing the star they seem to know from their studies that this star is not a normal star, this is a star that was thought to announce the birth of a king. Maybe they knew of the prophecy given by Balaam (Numbers 24:17). No matter how they knew we must understand that the knowledge came from God. Had He not wanted them as part of the story, He would have hidden the meaning of His star from them.

Though commonly portrayed as three kings because of three gifts being given, the truth is that we don’t know the number and they were more likely priests or advisors of the court than kings. They weren’t thinking of this new king as someone that would be an adversary but wanted to celebrate the child. They would have gathered the gifts and an entourage to make the trip with them. There would have included servants and maybe even guards. The men were prepared for a long journey that could take quite some time.

We know from their talk with Herod and his edict of killing boys 2 and younger, that the star had appeared two years before they arrived in Bethlehem. They were so intrigued by the birth of the Christ child that they were willing to travel for over a year to the west in their quest to see the child. And because of this time lapse, it is not strange that we find that Mary, Joseph and the child have moved to a house (verse 11).

These men from afar are found to be more excited about the birth of the Messiah than those that should have been awaiting the Christ. King Herod found Him to a threat to be dealt with and the chief priests and teachers of the law had no interest in seeing the one that they claimed to be waiting for or they would have led the way to Bethlehem. The wise men’s excitement at seeing the star and finding the Child should cause us to examine our level of excitement at seeking in His presence.

Making It Personal

Do you find your anticipation building about spending time with Him? Do you make the effort to get to know Him more? What excites you about getting to know Him better?

Making It Personal Kids

What do you think the wise men brought with them on their journey? How much effort do you put in to knowing Jesus more? Do you get excited about knowing Him better?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for this example of wise men seeking You. Help us see our need for time with You and give us a never ceasing hunger for deeper relationship with You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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